We excel at helping our clients choose the best materials, implement the most cost effective solution or maintaining their existing flooring, minimising premature floor replacement through purchasing the wrong product for the chosen environment, or simply through inadequate care.

Harte Refurbs are a professional installation, and floor restoration company. We have an extensive, and in depth knowledge of the flooring profession, and are able to supply and fit a wide range of products to suit all tastes and budgets.

Everything we do is carried out to the relevant British Standards codes of practice, and all installations are done so to meet the relevant manufacturers standard specification, to maximise the validity of the manufacturers warranty. Any reputable company will know how crucial this is.


Recognising the fact that most people choose wood flooring to add character to their property, we offer both traditional and modern fitting methods to compliment all types and ages of a property in a truly distinguished way which helps to maintain the character of a particular property.

We appreciate the fact that you want your new floor to last for years to come so everything we do is done with the care and quality that you'd expect from a specialist company.